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Admission Form Stoke Poges School

Schools are required by law to keep on record details of children admitted. We should therefore be grateful if you could complete all of the questions within this form when your child is admitted. A copy of your child’s long version birth certificate/passport and proof of address should be uploaded to this form when indicated for the School to place on file at the time of your child’s admission to primary education.

Pupil Details


Pupil Address Details

Main (home address)

Alternative address (non term time)

If the child’s residence at the present address (whether living with parents or any other person) is not permanent, please state the reason and probable duration of the stay, and give the name and address of the person with whom the child normally resides:

It would be very helpful to have available the details of any siblings who are currently attending, have attended this school, or are likely to join this school at a later date.

Please include forename, surname, date of birth and current school for each sibling in the box below

Parent / Carer Details

Parent / Carer 1

Parental responsibility?*
Contact Priority*
Which of the above is your priority telephone number*

Address (if different to pupil)

Parent / Carer 2

Parental Responsibility
Contact Priority (must differ from Parent/Carer 1)
Which of the above is your priority telephone number

Address (if different to pupil)

Is there a court order relating to your child? .*

Parental responsibility may be shared between a number of people beyond the child’s natural parents, for example those with a Parental Responsibility Order. Married parents have equal parental responsibility; on separation or divorce both parents continue to have responsibility. In such circumstances the school will forward copies of school reports, etc. to the separated parent if requested.

Is the child resident with foster parents?*

From time to time it may be necessary to contact someone during the school day, e.g. in the case of a child’s sickness. Please list below (in order of preference) all details of any additional person(s) from those above who we can contact on such an occasion.

Alternative contact 1


Alternative contact 2


Pupil Medical Information

Knowledge about your children’s health is vital if we are to help them to achieve their potential educationally. Would you please supply the following medical information about your child. This information will only be shared with relevant professionals within education and health who need to know in order to support your child in school. If you wish to discuss your child’s health confidentially, please contact the School Nurse.

Dietary needs



Does your child suffer from?

Disabilities - a child is considered to have a disability if their parent indicates substantial and/or long term difficulties with one or more of the areas listed below. Please exclude difficulties that you would expect for a child of their age.

Do you consider your child to have a disability?*
Please select any that apply from the list below
Does your child attend any medical clinics?*
If your child is on regular medication, does it need to be given during school hours? If yes please discuss with the Head Teacher*

Pupil Ethnic/Cultural Information

The Department for Education (DfE) has asked for the collection of the following information for all pupils.


Select one of the following*

FIRST LANGUAGE - the language to which your child was first exposed in their early childhood and which they continue to use or be exposed to at home or in your community.

Please select one of the following*


Select one of the following*

Additional Pupil Information

Select one of the following MEALS options*
TRAVEL to SCHOOL - Please tick your child's usual main mode of travel. If the journal involves more than one mode tick the one used for the greatest part*

Service Children in Education Indicator – are one or both parents Service personnel, serving in regular military units of any of the HM Forces, or in the Armed Forces of another nation and stationed in England and exercising parental care and responsibility?

Select one of the following*

Previous School History

Documents Required

Please tick to confirm that you have uploaded the long version of your child's birth certificate and a proof of address, this will ideally be this year's council tax bill, or a utility bill dated within 3 months.*

Parental Declaration

DATA PROTECTION STATEMENT: The purpose of this form is to collect data for further processing within the school/Local Authority/Health Authority systems. The data will be processed in accordance with the purposes notified by the school/Local Authority/Health Authority to the Data Protection Commissioner's office and are subject to the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. The information given will be entered onto a computer and will form part of the School’s database. Please refer to our Pupil and Parent Privacy Notice on our website for further information on how we collect and use pupil information.

Entering your name in the signature box below on this form implies your consent for the school/Local Authority/Health Authority to process the data.

I declare the above information to be correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of completion.
I agree to notify the school of any change in my child’s circumstances.