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Meet the Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Ms L Astley
Deputy Head Teacher Mrs A Benians
Business Manager Miss K Sheehan
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs R Makkar

Phase Leaders

Foundation Stage

Miss J Souter (Maternity)

Mrs A Benians (cover)

Key Stage 1 Mrs A Benians
Lower Key Stage 2

Mrs E Glover

Upper Key Stage 2 Mrs V Turner
Assessment Coordinator

Mrs A Benians


Mrs C Stanhope

Teaching Staff

Year  Class Teacher

Learning Support

Foundation Stage Butterflies

Mrs A Benians

Miss A Lee

Mrs D Harris

Mrs F Mohidin

Mrs K Leigh


Miss J Warren

Year 1 Bumblebees

Miss F Bovington

Mrs F Picot

Mrs N Qureshi

Miss A Anwar


Miss A Sangha​​​​​​

Year 2 Dragonflies

Mrs R Makkar

Mrs C Stanhope

Mrs K Finan

Miss E Dawson

Mrs H Ashraf


Miss L Crook

Year 3 3K

Mrs S Kyei

Mrs R Batting

Mrs C Young

Mrs T Wicks


Mrs A Payne

Mrs S Macaulay

Year 4 4F

Mr S Follant

Mrs S Bains

Mrs C Shearer

Mrs N Gamiet


Mrs E Glover

Mr J Staggs

Year 5    

Mrs C Kidby

Mrs C Prescott


Mrs A Meshkova

Ms A Gamiet

Year 6 6T

Mrs V Turner

Miss L Kidd

Miss A Anwar

Mrs R Dahele

Mrs S McCord

Mrs D Sutton


Mrs S Skehan

Mrs A Chapman

Specialist Teachers

Music Ms A Frank
PE Mr J Staggs
Maths Mrs J Steele
FS/KS1 Music Miss S Whale

Senior Learning Support Assistants

Phonics Support Mrs C Dudzik
Medical and IT/Library  Mrs L Fetherston

Administrative Staff

Attendance/Admissions/Admin Mrs J Palmer
PA to Head/Admin Support/EVC Mrs S Cook
Senior Receptionist/Communications Mrs J Lea
Receptionist Mrs D Solanki

Care and Maintenance of Site

Mr I Jones

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs N Gamiet Mrs S Pearce
Mrs G Singer Mrs D Harris
Mrs L Harris Mrs F Mohidan
Mrs H Ashraf Mrs F Picot
Miss L Kidd Mrs C Prescott

Mrs A Malli

Mrs D Solanki

Mrs S Bains Mrs N Taj
Mrs N Qureshi