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STEAM Learning

We are excited to tell you about our new STEAM Cabin (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Maths) project which is nearing completion. Through successful fundraising, we have created a facility that will improve ‘STEAM’ learning and inspire pupils to succeed in these important subjects. 

STEAM education produces a whole host of benefits, such as developing soft skills (creativity, problem-solving, collaboration), increasing engagement and motivation and personalising the learning experience.

With just the outside landscaping to be completed, our STEAM Cabin is almost ready for use.

Expected Benefits

Having an additional, bespoke, fully resourced space within the School grounds will enable:

· Seamless provision of the Science, DT and Art curriculum in a space that is fit for purpose with all the required resources to hand for teachers and pupils

· An inspiring and exciting environment for pupils to learn in and teachers to deliver in. Lessons in the cabin will be ‘the highlight’ of the week

· Elevate the status of these subjects providing the pupils with rich experiences and better opportunities for them to develop their individual talents and interests

· The choir and orchestra to have a dedicated space to practice at lunchtimes

· Increased provision of extra-curricular clubs to enhance and develop pupil learning

· Improved outdoor learning provision with taps and toilet facilities on hand outside

· Increased interest in the School from prospective parents in the local community as they see the School upgrading and extending its premises portfolio

· Meeting space to host inter-school competitions in Science, Maths and General Knowledge

· Meeting space to network with other Schools during the school day, being able to take our turn in hosting and cut down lost travelling time

· Letting space that can to hired out to commercial clients out of school time to bring in extra income to spend on additional resources for the pupils

· The many, local, community groups would be able to use the facility at lower cost community rates