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Speaking & Listening

Pupils are afforded several opportunities to develop their skills in spoken language.  Class discussions are a key part of every lesson and are often triggered by teachers asking key questions to ascertain understanding or challenge preconceptions.  We allow for the children to have meaningful discussions between the teacher and amongst themselves to develop their understanding, allowing them to co-construct meaning and concepts, instead of resorting to an adult-led ‘spoon-feeding’ approach to teaching. The children are encouraged to speak clearly, confidently and expressively in order to communicate their ideas and feelings. 

We believe that “If you cannot speak it, you cannot write it,” therefore from an early age, pupils are encouraged to speak words, phrases and sentences aloud before attempting to write them down.  In addition to this, older pupils are taught how to recognise and manipulate rhetorical devices for use in persuasive arguments and debate – this can often lead to some heated yet civilised discussions amongst our Year 5 and 6 pupils!

Aside from the everyday speaking and listening opportunities, the children of Stoke Poges look forward to our annual events which showcase and celebrate the oratory talent among us, including the whole-school poetry recital competition, class assemblies and productions.