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Foundation Stage Home Learning Programme

All children will have a personal online learning journey called Tapestry. This is a two-way communication between home and school, where observations, events and information can be shared. Evidence can be communicated through comments, photos, video, descriptions and observations. Teachers are able to relate both home and school learning to the Development Matters Statements, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, to support the assessment process.

A variety of homework will be set occasionally via the following methods:

  • Tapestry
  • Mathletics
  • Paper activities


Children should spend 10 minutes a day reading with a parent or adult. At the start of their learning journey, we suggest that parents share a favourite book, as this will encourage engagement and enjoyment of reading. Once a child has progressed on to the Red group of our RWI phonics scheme, books will be sent home for the children to read. We encourage every child to be read to daily, as this will expand his/her knowledge, vocabulary and enjoyment of reading. Every child will have a Reading comment book. Adults are requested to use these to note when they have read with their child, along with any comments if necessary. A stamp will be put in a child’s book when they have read with a member of staff.


Children will receive books with sounds and these should be practised daily.

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