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Learning at The Stoke Poges School

We invite you to take a walk around our school…you could find yourself exploring the fascinating sights and sounds of the rainforest, helping Florence Nightingale care for the injured soldiers in the Crimean War, attending a harsh Victorian school or hopping aboard a pirate ship bound for exotic lands!

We approach learning with an open mind and a lot of fun.  We aim to foster deep learning and global awareness through a progressive, cohesive and coherent creative curriculum.  Our educational experiences are based around a quality central text and quality first teaching.

Our curriculum:

  • Incorporates strong subject disciplines within topics that promote independent learning
  • Ensures knowledge and skills are developed to connect across the curriculum – engaging imagination, developing lateral thinking and sparking discussions 
  • Is enriched with real-life experiences, which promotes engagement and ensures that learning has a clear purpose and context, enabling rapid progress
  • Provides opportunities for pupils to practise what they know so that understanding can be deepened
  • Considers the depth and breadth of curriculum content promoting high aspirations and challenge for all
  • Has a local, national and international dimension
  • Builds stamina through health promoting physical challenge and endurance

We ensure the curriculum includes a robust and rigorous approach to the teaching of reading, writing, maths and computing.  We have effective systems that enable us to track individual progress and offer support or supplementary work where needed.

We assess the children formatively and summatively and report to parents/carers on a termly basis so that we are able to share the journey of the children throughout the year.

Playtime is an important part of the school day at The Stoke Poges School.  It teaches life skills – how to think, share, cooperate and respect each other.

Developing children

Through the structure of our curriculum, we seek to develop in Stoke Poges children:

  • The skills of listening, understanding, talking, reading and writing
  • Mathematical competence
  • An enquiring mind
  • Respect for all living things
  • Ability to use new technology
  • A sense of multi-ethnic, multicultural society
  • A curiosity to explore the environment
  • An appreciation of history and their place in it
  • Religious understanding and respect for all beliefs
  • Knowledge and experience with art in all its facets
  • Appreciation of music
  • Enjoyment of physical exercise and activity
  • Good health, habits and attitudes

Classroom learning environment

Our classroom environments are bright, vibrant, engaging and ever-changing, with celebrations of children’s work and creativity evident throughout school.  A wide variety of practical resources also support learning across all subjects, including a range of computing equipment such as laptops, iPads, visualisers and integrated SMART technology.