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When your child starts school you will be asked to complete a form outlining any medical history that we should be aware of.  Please let us know if there are any changes so that we can keep our records up to date.

Link to Healthcare Plan

Link to Parental Agreement to Administer Medicines Form

Ill during the day

Please do not send your child to school if they seem unwell.  In the event of illness at school we shall contact you immediately; a member of staff will sit and comfort your child whilst you make arrangements to collect them.

Injuries at school

The school has trained paediatric first aiders on site.  If your child sustains a minor injury whilst at school we will administer first aid.  If your child has a minor head injury we will contact you via email. If the head injury is more serious, we will always call you to discuss the injury. All injuries are recorded on Medical Tracker, our first aid reporting system. 

Administration of medicines

The Headteacher is responsible for managing the administration of medicines and drugs with the agreement of named members of staff who have received appropriate training. 

If you need the school to administer prescribed medication, clear written instructions must be supplied by parents on the school form which can be obtained from the school reception.  Medication must be in its original packaging including the prescriber's instructions.  Only the prescribed dose will be given; this cannot be changed unless written instructions are given from a medical professional. All medication must be signed in and out via a medication register kept at the school reception.

A record is kept on Medical Tracker of all medicines and drugs administered and monitored by Mrs Fetherston and Mrs Lea.