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Residential Visits

Annual residential visits are offered to Year 5 and Year 6 children. These multi-activity breaks in the UK and France provide a huge range of thrilling adventure activities designed to help children build confidence, learn new skills and strengthen friendships.

Year 5
Our Year 5 pupils attend a week-long residential visit to an adventure centre in the UK. The centre is filled with purpose built facilities and equipment for both land and water-based activities. Our pupils gain in confidence and self-esteem through successfully completing the outdoor activities.

Year 6
Have you ever wanted to eat snails or frogs’ legs? Our children always enjoy experiencing the rich culinary heritage during their four-day educational tour of Northern France. Whilst staying in a Chateau close to the Normandy coast they learn about World War II battles and enjoy visiting the educational sites.

The school offers a unique opportunity to children and their parents to experience skiing for a week in the French Alps. This enables pupils to develop new and existing skills on the slopes and create lasting bonds and memories with their peers!