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School Ethos and Vision

The Governors and School Leadership Team are highly ambitious for the school and work closely together to develop our purpose, vision and strategy, underpinned by a strong set of values.

The well-being of our children is at the heart of our school, and we encourage high standards of behaviour and learning to support each individual pupil to achieve their maximum potential, both academically and in developing the broader life skills they will need for the future.

Our Purpose

Our children will be confident, happy, and successful.

Acceptance, courtesy, understanding and compassion are hard-wired into our ethos.  While our focus is on achievement during their time with us, we will never lose sight of the fact that those in our care are beginning their journey and that we are preparing the successful adults of tomorrow for whatever path they choose.  Our pupils will be encouraged to understand their place in the wider community and the world, and to learn important skills such as teamwork.

We will continue to be immersed in the local and wider community to create socially conscious, caring individuals whose contribution impacts on the wider world.

Our Ethos

  • Pride – in our school, our community, our combined achievements and ourselves
  • Respect – in all our thoughts and actions towards people and property
  • Care – and concern towards others, our work, our environment and our community
  • Unity – of purpose, direction and partnership through teamwork and support
  • Success – every member of our school community is given the opportunity and  encouragement to blossom and succeed

Our Core Principles

Teaching and Learning

  1. We will develop the whole child, which includes their health and mental well-being. Through this approach, we will promote high standards whilst fostering creativity and imagination so encouraging children to be self-motivated learners.
  2. We will ensure we respond to any changes in National Curriculum, government policies and other reforms in a way that meets our core values.
  3. We will ensure that the quality of teaching we provide allows each individual pupil to achieve their maximum academic potential.
  4. We will ensure that the highly valued expertise of our teaching and support staff is deployed to best meet the needs of the school and the wider community.  The leadership team will mentor staff and model best practice in a supportive manner.
  5. We will celebrate the arts and give them high priority within the curriculum.
  6. We will ensure that learning outside the classroom is a key element to the education we provide through a topic based curriculum.
  7. We will monitor advancements in information technology and adapt the curriculum and resourcing as appropriate. Our children will be provided with 21st century learning experiences.
  8. We will ensure all children are given the opportunity to participate in regular physical activity and gain experience of a variety of sports.

Pastoral Care and Well-being

  1. We will strive to ensure every child feels valued, happy and safe each day they are in our school.
  2. We will maintain and develop a strong culture of respect for others, both within the school community and also beyond it.
  3.  We will support school leaders, teachers and other school staff to ensure that their mental health and well-being is prioritised.


  1. We will continue to value the partnerships with parents and carers and the community as integral to our success as a school.
  2. We will use partnerships with other schools to provide a wider range of opportunities to benefit our school community.


  1. We will maximise the opportunities for children’s outdoor play and learning within the space available to us.
  2. We will ensure that the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment is understood and acted upon by all the school community.