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Welcome to Year 3 - September 2023

Welcome to year 3!  

We are so excited to welcome you all to Maple and Ash classes this September.  We have lots of exciting and interesting topics of study in Year 3, including 'The Stone Age', 'The Ancient Egyptians' and 'The Ancient Greeks' in History; 'Light', 'Growing plants' and 'Forces' in Science; and fables, myths, diary writing and information reports in English.  

Mrs Glover (Mon - Wed) and Mrs Richardson (Thurs - Fri) will be teaching Ash class, whilst Mrs Payne (Mon - Wed) and Mrs Macaulay (Thurs - Fri) will teach Maple class.  We can't wait to meet you and get to know you all very soon.

To find out more about the Year 3 curriculum and texts that we read, please take a look at our information page.

Wishing you a relaxing Summer holiday - don't forget to send us a postcard on your travels!

The Year 3 Team